Welcome To Syntale

Syntale is a popular Unturned server network with many unique features.

Thanks to our incredible community and diligent staff team, we are able to offer an amazing experience to everyone.

Our servers range from pure vanilla survival servers, heavily modded semi-vanilla servers, to amazing full role play servers.

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Quality Guarentee

Syntale's dedicated servers are equipped with the latest generation 16 core AMD Ryzen CPUs in order to provide the best possible experience to our players.

We have dedicated technicians to resolve issues with the servers as fast as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible Unturned experience.

Our Game Modes

  • 01

    Survival PVP

    Fast-paced PvP with increased loot. Join for an intense PvP environment.

  • 02

    Semi Vanilla

    Balanced loot with TPA, home, and vaults. A mix of vanilla and convenience features.

  • 03


    Semi Vanilla with added mods for extra content. Offers a richer Unturned experience.

  • 04


    Light roleplay with community interactions. Build, trade, and survive in a semi-immersive setting.